Is there such a thing as a healthy kitchen remodel? For many families the opportunity to make their kitchen more inviting is exciting.  When sitting down with a designer one of the first things a homeowner typically mentions is that they want their kitchen to be somewhere that people want to hang out.  But is your cozy, lounge-worthy kitchen bad for your health?

Dr. Brian Wansink, director of the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University, recently published a new book “Slim By Design” that argues that our eating habits are much more influenced by our surroundings than our appetite.  black_fruit_bowl_shadow_1_2Many of his ideas for a healthy kitchen remodel seem obvious. Keep your fruit in a bowl on the counter, don’t hide it in the bottom of your refrigerator in the crisper.  Do not store your cereal in large clear, tupperwares.  Keep your grains in a pantry.  His book expands on the ideas he addressed in his previous book Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think.

Here are a few tips from his books that can be incorporated into your new modern kitchen.  There’s no reason that your fabulous, new kitchen can’t be good for your health!

1. Want to discourage having processed food for dinner? Place your microwave off to the side.

2. Comfy kitchen seating encourages grazing – try sit-down meals in a proper dining room instead.

3. Finding the right range hood for the size of your range will ensure you’re not inhaling emissions from your stove.

4. Keep healthy foods in plain view, and treats in opaque containers.

5. Goose-neck faucets make it simple to fill pots for healthier big-batch cooking.

6. Generous countertops make prep-time smooth, which might make you cook more often.

Incorporating some of these ideas into your kitchen design can help you make healthy choices in your new space!  A healthy kitchen remodel might be a choice that you can’t afford not to make!